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Transform your space into a sanctuary of peace and positive energy with our Smudge Stick Cleansing Bundle. This thoughtfully curated set includes everything you need for your cleansing rituals, combining ancient traditions with nature's finest offerings.


We've included 4 assorted smudge sticks featuring: 


Sage: Known for its potent cleansing properties, sage has been used for centuries to purify spaces, objects, and individuals. Our premium sage bundle is perfect for banishing negative energy and inviting tranquility.


Cedar: Cedar's earthy aroma brings grounding and protection. It's often used in cleansing rituals to create a shield against negativity and promote a sense of safety and comfort.

Mugwort: Traditionally used in healing and protective rituals, mugwort helps to enhance dreams and psychic abilities. It's perfect for those seeking deeper spiritual connections and insight.


Palo Santo: These holy wood sticks are renowned for their rich, uplifting scent. Palo Santo is ideal for enhancing creativity, joy, and good fortune while purifying the environment.


Abalone Shell: Beautiful and practical, the abalone shell serves as a heat-resistant bowl for catching ashes while smudging. Its iridescent surface also represents water, adding a harmonious balance of elements to your ritual.


Peacock Feather: This striking feather is not only visually stunning but also serves as a powerful tool for spreading the cleansing smoke throughout your space. The peacock feather symbolizes protection and spiritual awakening.



Whether you're looking to cleanse your home, enhance your meditation practice, or simply invite more positivity into your life, our Smudge Stick Cleansing Bundle is the perfect companion. Embrace the ancient wisdom of these sacred tools and elevate your spiritual journey today.

Smudge Stick Cleansing Bundle

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