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This Cast Iron Cauldron is a captivating and versatile mystical accessory designed for practitioners of Wicca and witchcraft. 

Constructed from cast iron, the cauldron features three legs that elevate it. This cast iron cauldron is the ideal vessel for a variety of magical practices, including burning incense and herbs, or conducting rituals, perfect for channeling energy and intentions during spellwork.

Whether you are an experienced witch or a novice in the world of Wicca, this cauldron is a bewitching addition to your magical toolkit. Imbued with a sense of ancient wisdom and crafted with attention to detail, this cauldron invites you to explore the realms of mysticism and enhance your spiritual journey.

Brand Name: BELALANG
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Cast Iron

Dimensions: approx. 3" wide x 4" tall

Cast Iron Cauldron 4"

SKU: 1005001888156753
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