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Buddhist Candles
We offer a wide range of services at Practical Magick, including tarot, crystal reiki, astrology, massage, energy work, and more. 

To view more information click on the links below:

Intuitive Healing Massage with Stacy

Massage & Reiki Combo

Tarot Readings

Kelly FOX Photography

Please note that while Reiki, massage, and energy work are complementary alternative healing modalities, they are not a replacement for necessary medical treatments. Reiki/massage practitioners are not doctors and cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications. Please see your medical provider for primary treatment prior to seeking alternative healing modalities.

The Witching Hour, other readings (tarot, rune, intuitive, etc.), and energy work must be done in person. We do not offer services via phone, email, Skype, Facetime, or other social media communication platforms.

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