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🌟 This candle magick spell kit is the ultimate tool for modern witches. ðŸŒŸ


Packed with magick herbs, crystals, a custom cleansing spray, anointing oil, assorted color chime candles, a spell candle holder, and a ritual guide, this box is your gateway to profound experiences with transformative magick.


🌿 5 Magick Herbs: Infuse your rituals with the potent power of our selection of premium-quality magick herbs. These have been handpicked to enhance your spellwork and manifestation practices. Let their aromatic essence fill your sacred space, grounding you in the energy of the earth and amplifying your intentions.


💎 5 Crystal Chips: Harness the ancient wisdom and mystical energy of crystals. Each crystal has unique properties, empowering you to align with specific intentions, amplify your spells, and foster spiritual growth and healing.


🌬️ Cleansing Spray: Purify your space and banish negative energies with our cleansing spray. This powerful mist creates a protective barrier, allowing you to enter your rituals with a sense of clarity, focus, and renewed energy.


✨ Anointing Oil: Elevate your magic with our enchanting anointing oil. Formulated with intention and imbued with mystical energy, it's perfect for consecrating tools, anointing candles, and empowering your spells with divine essence.


🕯️ 5 Spell Candles and Holder: Set specific intentions with our collection of color chime candles. Each candle corresponds with specific intentions or spells, allowing you to customize your rituals and amplify your magical workings with the power of color magic.


This box includes spell candle magick instructions and a color candle guide!


🧙‍♀️Embrace the magic within, unleash your inner witch, and transform your life with the power of intention, intuition, and spell candle ritual.


** You can buy this online and pick it up in-store, or you can pay for shipping and we will mail it out to you ASAP **

Candle Magick Spell Kit - Witches Herbs and Crystals Ritual Box

SKU: 555
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