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Monthly Patreon

Practical Magick Monthly Patreon Subscription


Add a little magick into your life with our incredibly curated magickal monthly subscription.

Our Practical Magick Monthly Bundle subscription includes:


🔮Astrological Forecast and Upcoming Moon Phases

🌿Herb of the Month (with Magical and Medicinal uses)

💎Crystal of the Month (associations, healing properties, magick)

🃏A Tarot or Oracle Card of the Month (includes general guidance and learning)

🌟Everyday Magick Tips from the Magickal Madame Stacy Sweet

🕯️Guided Spell (corresponding spell kits sold separately)


Join us on Patreon and become a member of our mystical community! Embrace the enchantment, ignite your intuition, and awaken to the infinite possibilities that await.


Subscribe now and let the journey begin. Seek magick every day! ✨🔮✨


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