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Witch  Talk with Stacy
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30 Minutes


45 Minutes


Have you been feeling stuck lately, like things aren't quite right? Do you need some guidance regarding a situation that is troubling you? Are you looking to add a little more magick into your everyday life? 


The Witching Hour is an intuitively guided session that can provide you with the insight, clarity, and guidance you are seeking.


Stacy has been practicing magick for over thirty years, and she uses this experience to help you create the life you desire. She'll give you the tools you need so you can move forward in your journey toward empowerment. Each session is tailored to the client and starts with a conversation between you, Stacy, and the tarot cards. Stacy can:

  • Help you learn how to set up and use your own altars

  • Provide guided meditations, tailored to suit your situation

  • Provide journal prompts so you can continue to explore themes on your own

  • Explain how to use crystals and which ones to use for your desired outcome

  • Teach you easy-to-do spellcasting

  • Help you select the right herbs and teas to use in your home practice

Intuitive Healing Massage with Stacy

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


I started doing massage 15 years ago as a way to help people heal from past trauma. I wanted to create space where people could start to think about healing old wounds. Massage can help you get to the quiet place deep inside of yourself. It’s a place where you can begin to hear the answers you need to help you move along on your path. It helps clear out your energy pathways so that you can figure out where you're going and how to get there. It helps support energy centers so that they function at their highest level.

More than ever we are needing human contact. We need a place of peace and tranquility so that our nervous system and the noise in our head can be soothed and quieted. We need space where there are no expectations other than to be still and relax. Massage with me offers this.

My goal still is to create space for you to take a little bit of time out of your life for you to relax, breathe, and start the deep healing that brings forth great transformation.

I invite you to reach out and schedule your time with me.

Please note that while Reiki, massage, and energy work are complementary alternative healing modalities, they are not a replacement for necessary medical treatments. Reiki/massage practitioners are not doctors and cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications. Please see your medical provider for primary treatment prior to seeking alternative healing modalities.

The Witching Hour, other readings (tarot, rune, intuitive, etc.), and energy work must be done in person. We do not offer services via phone, email, Skype, Facetime, or other social media communication platforms.

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